Thursday, February 2, 2012

Development of SSRS reports in AX 2012

I have read a document on development of SSRS reports on dynamics AX written by a friend syed baber Owais, covering the following topics

·        SSRS Installation and Configuration          
·        Editing existing SSRS Reports       
·        Developing a new SSRS report     
·        Developing Query Based SSRS reports using VS
o   Previewing SSRS reports from Visual Studio
o   Viewing SSRS report on browser
o   Opening SSRS report from AX
§  Filtering a report with an specific parameter
·        Developing RDP based SSRS reports          
·        Using Controller Class    
o   Examples of controller class usage           
§  HcmEmployeeLeaveController    
§  BankDepositSlipController           
·        Data Contract class for SSRS Reports       
o   Defining label and help text for parameters           

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gulzar;

    I am looking for somebody help to pass a parameter
    from RDP class to SSRS to show Header/Footer for User so that user can select Show "header-Footer"/ hide "header-Footer" in their SSRS report. Currently I am modifying AX 2012 reports.

    I'd greatly appreciate your help.